At Optiques Sher-Lab Inc., all our sunglass lenses included with the PROFILO! Premium clip-ons are made of polycarbonate material, are UV 400 and are available in different base curves of 4, 6 &8.

As well, clients can choose from a wide range of lenses available on the market, including polarized lenses, mirror coated, anti-reflection (A/R) and driver lenses.


All regular lenses have an internal anti-reflective (A/R) coating provided. As well, for certain colors, the client can choose different colour intensities according to their needs.


Polarized lenses will help absorb indirect light that reflects off different surfaces like water, snow and a wet road.

As well as eliminating blinding reflections, polarized lenses increases the quality of vision and contrast that will allow you to see shapes and colors more vividly. These lenses are strongly recommended for outdoor activities such as skiing, fishing, golf, etc.

While driving, Polarized lenses increase the quality of vision and safety. They do so by helping to diminish visual fatigue by absorbing reflections caused by the sun on the road and other objects.


At Optiques Sher-Lab Inc. all requests are met. Our company offers an infinite choice of color selection by matching the colour of the patient's frame. Finally a sunglass clip-on that matches your frame perfectly.

PROFILO! Premium sunglass clip-ons are also available in a variety of finishes such as marble, brilliant, satin, mate or antique… no matter what the frame finish, we know how to produce the desired effect! Fuchsia, sky blue, olive or bright red… anything is possible with PROFILO! Premium sunglass clip-ons.


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