Nasal Attachment Clip-on

Nasal Attachment Clip-on

Nasal Attachment Clip-on
with Hooks

Custom-made Clip-OnNasal Clip-On
Custom-made Nasal Clip-on
Custom-made Nasal Clip-on

The ‘REGULAR’ nasal style PROFILO! Premium sunglass clip-ons are available for all models of frames. With a hidden bridge and without any barrel opening, the nasal clip-on is very low-profile which is perfect for high quality frames in order to keep their style and elegance.

As well, all nasal PROFILO! sunglass clip-ons are made with a silicone protective covering at the bridge of the clip to eliminate any risks of the clip-on rubbing on the frame.

The 'REVERSE' style PROFILO! Premium sunglass clip-ons are made the exact same way as the 'REGULAR' except the clip is opposite.  The hooks of the clip-on attaches at the TOP of the frame instead of the bottom, and the bridge of the clip passes UNDER the bridge of the frame instead of over.  The 'REVERSE' style PROFILO! sunglass clip-ons are highly recommended for semi-rimless frames so that the clip will hook on the frame instead of the client's lenses.

The 'REVERSE' style clip-on comes with an automatic silicone protection at the bridge as it is in the same style as the ‘NASAL’ clip-on. This will eliminate any chance of the clip-on breaking during over handling of the clip.


The 'HOOK' style PROFILO! Premium sunglass clip-on is our brand new clip-on! Just as nice and as easy to manipulate as the ‘REGULAR’ nasal clip-on, it can be made for all models of frames. It is however recommended primarily for plastic frames since the bridge is made out of hooks. This eliminates the problem of the bridge touching the patient’s nose and causing discomfort.

As well, the 'HOOK' style clip-on has plastic protective silicone pieces on the hooks where it attaches to the frame eliminating damage that could happen with improper use of the clip-on.

This new product will avoid the rubbing of the clip-on against the bridge of the frame, and make sure that the clip-on and the patient's frame won't be damaged.


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